• Rewards That Motivate And Inspire

    Rewards That Motivate And Inspire

    Change the way your employees think about work

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  • Set sales goals, measure results, and reward achievement. That's the recognition program you want.

    Set Sales Goals, Measure Results, And Reward Achievement

    That’s the recognition program you want

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  • Engage Your Distribution Partners

    Engage Your Distribution Partners

    Inspire them to succeed, and you succeed together

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  • Build Better Customer Relationships. The right reward plan helps create loyal customers.

    Build Better Customer Relationships

    The right reward plan helps create loyal customers

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  • Maximize Employee Performance, Retention, and Wellness. Because your people are your most valuable asset

    Maximize Employee Performance, Retention, And Wellness

    Because your people are your most valuable asset

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Divvy-mobilepic-211x336.jpgShare the rewards of performance

Whether your organization seeks to increase the engagement of your sales teams and dealer network to achieve key revenue goals, improve customer loyalty, increase employees’ support of your brand and excel at work and/or become healthier, Divvy Engagement Solutions provides state-of-the art solutions.

Divvy (formerly Taico Incentive Services) is a business leader in the incentive, recognition and engagement space. With more than 25 years of industry experience, Divvy is a woman-owned company dedicated to bringing the most scientific, research-based solutions to program design and implementation to help engage key people across your enterprise, from Millennials to Baby Boomers, in the U.S. and globally.

Recognition programs customized for your business


Create a culture of performance

Boost results with effective internal branding, wellness, and safety programs.

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Meet your most
critical sales goals

Maximize sales performance by addressing all the levers of success

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Inspire your channel
partners to go further

Engage your distribution partners to step up in a meaningful way

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Program design, support and ROI measurement

  • Divvy provides state-of-the art program design based on over 20 years of experience with sales, dealer, customer and employee programs with return-on-investment measures built into your programs.
  • We help you integrate communications, learning, social media and rewards and recognition to drive better, more measurable results.
  • You’ll get useful behavioral and results data that can be analyzed to make better decisions going forward, as well as customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Program management technology and rewards

  • We provide world-class web and mobile platforms to engage salespeople, dealers and employees, or any key audience.
  • Our tools are easy to use and transcend generational and cultural differences.
  • Our platforms offer built-in communication tools, quizzes, surveys and social media to address key levers of engagement.
  • You’ll benefit from performance dashboards to track results and top performers across the organization, including real-time engagement and results data.
  • We offer a complete range of awards for sales, dealer and employee programs, with over 1 million reward offerings in every medium.